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E-mail address change.

We would like to kindly inform that from 1st July 2011 our e-mail address ofice@naftobudowa.pl is no longer valid.

All correspondence should be directed to our current address naftobudowa@polimex.pl


Completion of a formal incorporation process


Dear Sir or Madam,

  We are pleased to inform that a formal process of incorporating seven subsidiaries from the energy and chemical sectors, i.e. Energomontaż Północ S.A., Naftobudowa S.A., Naftoremont Sp. z o.o., ZRE Kraków Sp. z o.o., ZRE Lublin S.A., EPE Rybnik Sp. z o.o. and ECE Remont Sp. z o.o., into Polimex-Mostostal has been completed.

  Thanks to joint resources, we have enhanced the attractiveness of our offer, our business potential and capacity to carry out the largest scale, full scope projects.

  The incorporation has strengthened the position of Polimex-Mostostal as a leader on the Polish construction and engineering market, with revenues reaching PLN 5 bn.

  We are one of the major employers in the country; our workforce exceeds 13,000 employees. We provide a unique, complementary range of construction and erection services in the capacity of general contractor to key sectors: chemical, environmental, energy sectors; industrial, road, railway and general construction sectors.

   Konrad Jaskóła
   President of the Management Board
   Polimex-Mostostal SA



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